Better than a Microchip

A SmartBuckle collar may help you recover your pet even faster than using just a microchip.

1. Microchips Require a Veterinarian - SmartBuckles don't!

Unlike the SmartBuckle, a microchip needs to be read by a veterinarian or shelter adding a barrier to recovering your lost pet, especially if your pet is lost after business hours. The SmartBuckle can be read by anyone that finds your pet.

2. Microchip Information can become Outdated

Often the information on the microchip is not up to date, but with the SmartBuckle, you control what information is on your Pet's Profile at any time.

3. Microchips can't always be accessed.

With multiple databases nationwide storing microchip data, there is no guarantee that it can be read.

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