Halloween With Your Pet

        Holidays are for family, and your family probably includes your pet. Everyone wants to be able to include their pets, whether it is a cat, dog, or something else. This can be difficult to do while also keeping safety in mind. Here are some tips for pet safety this Halloween season.

  1. Hide the candy especially the chocolate. Do not put it anywhere the pet might even be able to reach. They cannot have it. Just as you would hide medication and cleaning supplies from a toddler, it is important to hide the candy from your pet as well. Nobody wants Halloween ruined with an emergency trip to the vet. Treat your pet like family, and keep them safe today.
  1. Don’t force them into a costume. If a pet does not enjoy wearing it it will stress them out. Being in new environments is stressful enough for an animal. Do not make things worse. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday without a costume. Just let them be and their cuteness will be enough to make people coo.
  1. Stay where they know. Don’t go someplace new. With this in mind do not try to bring them someplace crowded, and introduce them to other animals all at once. Especially for socialization purposes. Pets should be introduced to other pets outside of their own territories. Crowds and loud noise may stress them out. Keep this in mind. Socializing your pet may be best done at a park, or another public place rather than at someone’s Halloween party.
  1. Get your pet emergency resources. The SmartBuckle Collar specializes in lost pet recovery and can be a great resource. You can even select one that is also reflective to keep them safe at night time. Each pet has it’s own personalized profile that connects to an app in your smartphone. Having one of these collars can increase the chances of getting your pet home safely, if they happen to get stressed and run away.

Pets can be included in the Holiday fun, if it is done safely. Make sure you know your pet and what it can handle. Keep your pet as stress free as possible, and even keep yourself stress free with a SmartBuckle collar. I hope you all have a great Halloween, and have lots of fun with your pets!


Written by Kylee Bush

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