SmartBuckle Standard Cat Collar

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Your pet will love this collar for its comfort and you will love it for the safety and pet recovery features! The built-in identification tag is embedded within the buckle – no dangling, no annoying noises, and no chance of your cat losing the tag!

Anyone who finds your pet can quickly reach you after accessing the profile - which will have your pets contact resources, health, and behavioral information readily available.

Built-in Identification Tag

Breakaway Collar

Safety Feature

Recovery Collar

SmartBuckle Technology

How it Works

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cat is protected with a SmartBuckle Collar. The built-in identification tag makes it easy for anyone to help you recover your pet fast. Here's how it works: 


Someone finds your lost pet and views their profile on our website.


They press the "Send My Location" link to send you a map with directions to your pet.


You are reunited with your cat.


Materials used for all SmartBuckle collars are built for durability and comfort.


• Color stays longer

• Safety Breakaway Buckles

• Silky, soft feel


The SmartBuckle Cat collar is designed to be adjustable to fit all cats. One size fits all.