Where do I register the tag?

For Plus+ Collars, you will use the SmartBuckle App. If it is a Smart Buckle Standard or a Track N Guard 1x, the tag needs to be registered on www.411pet.net website on the Setup A Collar page, https://www.411pet.net/newUser.html

Where is the tagId?

The tagId is on the front of the collar on the metal tag. Only enter the numbers when registering.

Where do I get the app?

The Android app is on the Android store and the iPhone app is on the Apple Store. The App is called SmartBuckle.

I registered the collar on the website now it doesn’t work on the app?

If you registered a Smart Buckle Plus or Track N Guard 2x collar on and you are now trying to connect to the collar from the Smart Buckle app you need to talk to tech support. These can be sent to support@smartbuckle.com

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password from the logon screens on the the app or at the 411pet.net on the Login or Setup A Collar page.

What makes your products better than your competitors?

Our product is affordable, it is the same price as your standard nylon collar but is better quality and has built in rescue technology. Our product requires no recharging, it aligns with the standard 1 year lifespan of a nylon collar.

Do you offer any warranties, guarantees, etc? Extended life/warranty options as add ons?

1 year warranty for defects